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Bill Pay

There are 100+ companies available for bill pay including Con Edison, NYC Housing Rent (NYCHA), Optimum (Cablevision), National Grid, Verizon, Spectrum (Time Warner), and many more! Pay all major credit cards, load money onto bank debit or prepaid cards, and pay retail or store cards.

Find a Store Near Me

Come see the PAYOMATIC difference. Enter your zipcode and we will provide a list of stores near you.

How Do I Pay My Bill?

Our process is quick, easy, and secure. You can trust that we will process your transaction promptly, so you do not need to worry about late charges or other fees.

  1. Visit any Store

    Visit any Store.

  2. Provide Account Number

    Bring any of the following:

    • Current bill stub (remittance slip)
    • Old bill stub (remittance slip)
    • Your account number (if you do not have a bill stub)
    • For credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, retail cards, or store cards you need to have the card with you
  3. Decide How Much to Pay

    We can pay any amount more than $3.00

  4. Provide Account Number

  5. Collect Payment

    You can pay with cash, debit, EBT, or proceeds from another transaction (Check Cashing, Western Union® Receive, etc)

  6. Receipt Confirmation

    Receipt confirmation is printed and handed to you

If you have a bill stub (remittance slip) or card that you’re unsure about, simply bring it into any store and we will gladly assist you.

Which Billers Are Available for Bill Pay?

We have over 100 billers available. You can pay most bill types including: cable, electric, gas, telephone, national retailers, department stores, satellite TV, wireless service, credit cards, water, auto payments, and more!

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The payment fee for most bills is $5.49*

*Price may vary, visit your local PAYOMATIC store for accurate pricing.*

I Already Paid My Bill and Need Help

For transaction assistance please contact Customer Support at 516-496-1970.