Bill Payment


Pay your bills the Pay-O-Matic Way with Pay-O-Matic Payment System. Payments are quicker, more convenient, more secure, and now with more options – for some payments, you have a choice of being posted the same day, next day, or for those that plan ahead and can wait there still remains the standard 2 to 3 day posting option.

Over 300 bills available for payment – ConEd, Verizon, National Grid, Cablevision, Time Warner, Credit Cards, store cards, and more!

You can pay your bills on the spot at any Pay-O-Matic teller window. Strict measures have been taken to ensure complete security during all transactions. Business is conducted in-person at the window and you will walk away with an instant, individually numbered transaction receipt.

Why worry about it getting lost or delayed in the mail? Paying the Pay-O-Matic Way guarantees much quicker credit to accounts than waiting for a check or money order to arrive via U.S. Mail and then get processed and posted. It also lets you keep your money longer since you can wait until a day or two before the payment is due in many cases.


Now you can pay any card bill with Fuze Network’s Swipe2Pay. Payments post very quickly — within 24 hours and some even same day. No need to worry about late fees!

Pay bills for bank cards, store cards, gas cards, retail cards, airline cards, and more – Capital One, First Premier Bank, American Express, Sears, Old Navy, Amazon, and ExxonMobil just to name a few! Available at all Pay-O-Matic locations.